Choosing a Food Utility Cart Guide

When it comes to utility carts, every manufacturer has something new to offer with a sweet story to it. But don’t get carried away by all the sweet talk since some of these products don’t perform as advertised.

What you need is a utility cart that has the right storage components, weight capacity, construction material, and comfort level; without forgetting durability and ease of movement. Still stuck on your search? Feel free to explore our list of the best utility carts and maybe you can get what you’re looking for.

1) Winsome Wood Utility Cart | 2) Mind Reader ‘ Charm’ 3 Tier Wood Metal Utility/ Bar Cart | 3) Seville Classics Utility Cart | 4) Luxor Multipurpose Three Shelves Utility Cart | 5) Finnhomy 3Drawer Rolling Cart | 6) Folding Shopping Cart | 7) Finnhomy 6Drawer Rolling Cart Organizer | 8) Vollrath (97121) 30-7/8″ Utility Cart | 9) Gorilla Carts Steel Utility Cart | 10) Gorilla Carts Heavy-Duty Steel Utility Cart | 11) Mac Sports Collapsible Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon | 12) Erie Tools Steel Flatbed Garden Cart | 13) Luxor 32″ x 18″ Tub Storage Cart | 14) Finnhomy Garden Service Cart | 15) Tyke Supply Stair Climber Aluminum Hand Truck | 16) Luxor 3 Shelf Utility Cart | 17) Luxor 32″ x 18″ Tub Storage Cart | 18) U.S. General 16″ x 30″ Service Cart | 19) Whitmor Deluxe Utility Cart | 20) Finnhomy 3 Tier Heavy Duty Utility Cart | 21) LCL Beauty White All Purpose Roller Trolley | 22) Altra Marshall Rolling Utility Cart | 23) YIMU 3 Tier Mesh Wire Rolling File Cart | 24) Honey-Can-Do CRT-04050 Rolling Media Cart | 25) Mac Sports Folding Green Wagon | 26) Polar Trailer 8233 HD 1500 Heavy Duty Utility | 27) Sandusky FSC3012 Folding Shopping Cart |


  • Brakes: Some service carts come with casters that have brakes, some don’t. If you won’t be using your cart in a place where brakes are necessary, then this isn’t something you will need to consider. If, however, you are planning to use a cart in areas where floors are not flat, where securing the cart is necessary, consider a cart with one or more locking casters.
  • Swivel vs. Fixed: Depending on your application, one or the other (or a combination of both) might be best. If you will use the cart for bussing tables in the dining room and need maximum maneuverability, swivel casters may be best. If you will use it for transporting products up and down straight aisles, two or four fixed casters will help keep the cart steady.
  • Non-Marking: Also called non-marring, or no-mark, non-marking cart casters won’t leave tracks on your hard floors. If your establishment is mainly carpet or industrial space, you may not need to worry about non-marking casters, but if you have hard tile, wood, or linoleum floors, non-marking casters will help prevent damage.
  • Bumpers: Though they look like small rubber donuts, bumpers come with some carts—mounted on the uprights just above the casters—to help protect walls, doors, and furniture. If you use swing doors in your kitchen or walk-in refrigeration, or use your cart in public areas where scuffs would be unsightly, bumpers help to prevent surfaces from coming into contact with the casters or corners of the cart.


Utility and bussing carts take up a lot of valuable space to store—space that you could be using for storing consumables, disposable supplies, restaurant high chairs, or other essentials. If you want to free up some storage space, we offer standard-duty folding utility carts that offer many of the same features as our regular carts but also have folding frames for convenient storage.

These carts also fold up small enough that they can be transported with ease to and from catering events to help you transport heavy chafers, insulated food carriers, and loaded food pans.

Assembly Required?

The two words “assembly required” may bring up traumatic memories for some, but our utility carts that come knocked down are actually quite easy to put together. When you consider the benefits of purchasing unassembled food service carts, it may alleviate your fears.

Shipping unassembled saves money in the long run by reducing the cost of shipping, so if your business is on a tight budget, that may be the way for you to go. Be sure to check out our helpful assembly video below to see how simple it can be to put together a brand new Regency utility cart!

If you don’t want to put in the extra effort to assemble a cart, we also offer many carts that come fully assembled, with the exception of the casters, which will need to be installed before use. Shipping assembled saves effort and provides maximum convenience. Though assembled carts may cost more originally and definitely come with higher shipping costs, it may be worth it if you want to start using your cart right out of the box.

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