Storage Shed Buying Guide

We spent 43 hours on research, videography, and editing, to review the top options. Don’t let those bicycles, lawn equipment or junk that you just can’t bring yourself to throw away fill up your garage so you have to leave your car outside. These storage sheds under 200$ come in all kinds of options, from very affordable to tough and durable, and will keep all your gear safe and secure from the elements.

1) Goplus Outdoor Wooden Storage Shed | 2) Rubbermaid 3748 Horizontal Storage Shed | 3) Toomax 145 Gallon Florida Outdoor Shed Storage Deck Box | 4) Merax Wooden Garden Shed Wooden Lockers with Fir wood | 5) Suncast BMS1500 Vertical Utility Shed | 6) Merax Wooden Garden Shed Wooden Lockers with Fir wood | 7) Leisure Season TR6565 Patio Trash Receptacle Storage Shed | 8) Suncast BMC5800 Garage Storage Cabinet |


There are numerous styles of storage sheds that are available. This is a cosmetic consideration, though one that is important if a shed is to match a home with which it shares property. This section details a few main styles of storage sheds, including gables, barns, quakers, and dormers, and explains the different features of each style.


Gable is among the most popular styles of storage shed. The roof has a traditional appearance and an even, steady pitch. This is the same appearance that the roofs of many houses have, making gable storage sheds good choices to match these homes.


Barn storage sheds have a structural appearance that is perfect for rural settings. A barn storage shed may not be designed to hold farm animals, but it does look fitting beside barns that do. Some barn storage sheds are also large enough that a loft can be added to increase storage space. Some substyles within the barn category include gambrel, dutch barn, and colonial.


There are many quaker-style homes in the northeastern United States, making quaker-style storage sheds a popular choice to match these houses. The defining feature of quaker storage sheds is that the roof is longer on the back side, while the short front side hangs over the edge of the storage shed’s front wall.


The dormer style is represented by a peaked roof. A Victorian dormer has its peak above the front wall of a storage shed, with one short peak running perpendicular to the roof’s main peak from the front wall. The roof then has two “valleys” on either side of the short peak, creating a very elegant look.

Where to Buy a Storage Shed

There are numerous choices available to those looking to buy a storage shed. Local shoppers may wish to visit storage shed dealers located near them. Large home improvement stores generally have plenty of space to display storage sheds and therefore they generally carry a good-sized selection from which to choose.

These home improvement stores also have employees available for customers to consult about buying the right storage shed to suit their needs. This advice can be very helpful towards making a good decision about which storage shed to purchase.

Local shoppers looking for a bargain on a used storage shed may wish to look around at the selection of trade-in sheds that are offered by local shed dealers. Alternatively, bargain shoppers can also check classified ads to see if any used sheds are available there.

Shopping for used storage sheds may require some patience for shoppers to find what they are looking for, however, because the selection is often inconsistent. Used sheds from shed dealers may cost a little more than ones listed in classified ads do, but sellers in classified ads are generally not storage shed sales professionals and therefore do not usually offer the same level of customer service found at a dealer’s outlet.

It is also possible to buy storage sheds online. Not only do large, brick and mortar home improvement stores sell their storage sheds online, but there are also online shops that only sell storage sheds.

These can be especially good sources from which to buy a storage shed because they often offer the broadest selection possible. Shopping online is also convenient because buyers can purchase their storage sheds at any hour of the day or night and have them shipped to their homes, bypassing the need to schedule a delivery with a shed dealer.

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