How to Buy the Right Vanity Chair

Having a variety to choose from may leave us in and a state of mayhem trying to have the best. Fortunately, we are going to explore a collection of the top 11 best vanity bench in 2017 reviews.

1) Curve Chrome Vanity Bench | 2) Giantex White Vanity Wood Dressing Stool | 3) Powell Jamestown Landing Bench | 4) Home Styles Bermuda Vanity Bench | 5) Otto and Ben 30-in Ottoman Storage Bench | 6) Hillsdale Windsor Vanity Bench | 7) Ashley Furniture Signature Design Zarollina Vanity Stool | 8) HomCom 39” Contemporary Base Entryway Bench | 9) Crown Mark Iris Vanity Table/Stool | 10) SONGMICS Vanity Set | 11) ZENY White Vanity Table Set |

Vanity chairs have been around for over a thousand years, and are often found in a woman’s private dressing room. Typically, they are used as a place to sit while doing hair, makeup or nails, and can sometimes be outrageously styled or overly feminine in appearance. There are many different types. Some vanity chairs come as a set, and match the bathroom or dressing vanity.

The first thing most shoppers look at is how comfortable the chair is. After that, construction, materials and styling all figure in. A good vanity chair should be comfortable, stylish and well-made, and should match the decor of the bedroom or bath.

For greatest variety and a versatility, buyers should look for a vanity chair that has a removable cushion, which can be reupholstered whenever necessary to suit changing tastes or new decor. A vanity chair should make the user feel formal and beautiful as they prepare for the workday or an evening out.

Types of Vanity Chairs

There are several different types of vanity chairs available. Since vanity chairs can be designed for either the bedroom or bathroom, and because they sometimes come as a set, it is not surprising that there are many types to choose from.

Buyers should look for a chair that suits their height, since vanity chairs tend to be short, for storage under the vanity when not in use. Buyers should also consider the amount of space, as well as how comfortable the chair will be to sit on for long periods.


A typical vanity chair looks similar to other types of chairs; it has four legs and a back. But it is the styling that tends to set it apart. Some vanity chairs come with a seat or back cushion for extra comfort and support.

Chairs can be made of many different materials, and some have a removable cushion that can be reupholstered when fashions change or the fabric wears thin. Buyers who want to customize their chair can usually do so for a minimal cost if they purchase one with removable padding.


Stools are usually small with four legs, and slide under the vanity for easy storage when not in use. The seats can be round, square, or other shapes, and they rarely have ams. They come in various materials, and are available with or without a cushion. For buyers purchasing a stool for an existing vanity set, finding one with a customizable cushion can help visually tie the two pieces together.


Benches are like stools, but are typically longer, have four legs, and almost always come with a cushion. They do not usually have arms, though some do.

They are convenient because they offer the user extra space, or allow a second person to sit on the bench at the same time. As with a vanity chair, the cushion of a vanity bench can often be removed and reupholstered to change the look of the bench or to refurbish it after it starts showing wear.

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