Hutch Wants to Virtually Redesign

We present to your attention the 16 best hutches under 2000$.

1) Somerset 60W Hutch | 2) Series C Collection 72W 4 Door Hutch | 3) Series A Collection 60W Hutch in Hansen Cherry | 4) SERIES A:48-inch HUTCH | 5) Sandia 35″ Open Hutch featuring Lockdowel Assembly | 6) NovaSolo Kitchen Hutch Unit | 7) NovaSolo Hutch Cabinet | 8) BUSH BUSINESS FURNITURE SERIES A | 9) Somerset 71W Hutch | 10) Kathy Ireland Home By Martin Huntington Oxford Storage Hutch | 11) kathy ireland Home by Martin Fulton Executive Hutch | 12) HON 38000 Series Stack-On Hutch | 13) Envoy 58W Hutch | 14) Cabot Hutch in Harvest Cherry | 15) Birmingham Hutch for Computer Desk | 16) Bestar Furniture 120520-1147 Pro-Linea Hutch |

Kitchen Buffet

In terms of price point, the startup is aiming to match retailers like CB2 or West Elm — so definitely more than IKEA, but less than high-end retailers like Crate and Barrel or Restoration Hardware.

There’s also some cool magic going on in the background to allow Hutch to create these virtual designs.

Once they receive a submitted picture of a living room or bedroom (more spaces will be supported soon) they wipe out the furniture, then figure out the scale — something that was traditionally hard to do without actual measurements of the space. But by picking up on contextual clues, like the fact that outlets are typically a standard 16 inches above the floor, they are able to come up with their own measurements.

It’s important to note that there are other companies doing similar things in this space. Modsy turns a few submitted pictures into an entire 3D room mockup that they they then decorate with furniture, and DigitalBridge works with online retailers to show their products in a virtual mockup of your living room.

At the moment for Hutch, the decorating and design is done by hand — it takes about 20 minutes for a designer to create one room, and the team returns all visualizations within 24 hours of submitting them. Of course they realize that in order to scale this time needs to be reduced, and they hope to one day automate most of the process to make it near-instantaneous.

In the long term, Hutch sees the opportunity to expand beyond interior design — and expand more broadly into visualized commerce. So you could take a picture of your car or wardrobe and Hutch could provide recommendations (and of course links to purchase the recommended items).

Photo Gallery of the Hutch Wants to Virtually Redesign

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