How to Build a Yard Cart

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Join the Sides

Place the 30-inch side of the front piece horizontal, and then prop up the two side pieces in between this front piece, with the 30-inch side running from front to back.

Place the angled portion at the back of the structure, and square up the joined sides so that they form an open-faced box. Use the wood screws to secure the sidepieces to the front. Then, form support braces by taking the 16-inch 2-by-2 boards and placing them in the corners where the sides join the front piece, securing them with wood screws.

Attach the Bottom

Flip the unit upside down and lay down the bottom piece, lining up the plywood with the front of the cart so that an extra 6 inches of wood extends over the back. Use screws through the bottom to secure it to the front and the sides. Then, add braces using the three 30-inch pieces of 1-by-4 boards, laying them across the bottom at the front, center, and bottom portion where the sides end. Secure these braces with more wood screws.

Make the Handle

Next, take the 56-inch 2-by-4s and position one on each side of the cart where the side meets the bottom. Use the wood screws to secure these 2-by-4s to the box, forming the handles. Measure the distance between the handles and then cut the dowel rod to this length. Form a handlebar by securing a dowel rod to the end of the handles. Use the sandpaper to round off any rough edges.

Assemble the Wheels

Place the pneumatic tires onto the threaded axle rod, using a washer and lock nut to keep the tire in place. Then, place the axle rod assembly at the bottom of the cart along the side, giving at least a 1-inch clearance between the edge of the box and the wheel. Use the hacksaw to cut the threaded rod so that there is the same clearance on the other side, and then put the second tire on the rod and secure it in place.

Install the Wheels

Position the tires and axle 12 inches from the front of the cart, and then take two 30-inch 1-by-4 boards and put them on either side of the axle to hold it in place, securing them to the cart with wood screws. Add an additional brace by putting a 30-inch 1-by-4 over the axle assembly and its support, and secure it with more screws.

Add the Legs and Additional Support

Take two 13-inch 2-by-2 boards and line them up with the sides 12 inches from the back of the cart. Drive wood screws down into these legs from the inside of the cart box until they are firmly in place. Finish the car by installing braces along the inside cart box with 2-by-2 pieces placed and secured across the vertical corners.

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