How To Properly Load A Heavy Duty Utility Cart

When it comes to utility carts, every manufacturer has something new to offer with a sweet story to it. But don’t get carried away by all the sweet talk since some of these products don’t perform as advertised.

What you need is a utility cart that has the right storage components, weight capacity, construction material, and comfort level; without forgetting durability and ease of movement. Still stuck on your search? Feel free to explore our list of the best utility carts and maybe you can get what you’re looking for.

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While using a heavy duty cart may seem simple to people who work in an industrial setting and use one on an everyday basis, there are still safety measures that should be taken in order to ensure that no one gets injured while loading and moving the cart.

For business owners, taking the time to ensure that workers are paying attention to safety precautions can result in fewer injuries on the job and less workers compensation claims.

It can also help to increase the efficiency rate of workers who load a cart several times a day, but may not be loading the cart in the most optimal way. Reviewing safety measures with workers on a regular basis can be beneficial, as those who use a cart often may fall into bad habits if they are not reminded of the proper ways to operate one and can end up injured.

First, before any loading activity begins, take the time to be sure that the loading area around the cart is safe and free of any potential hazards that may cause injury. Any oversize or overweight materials that are going to be placed on the heavy duty cart surface should be stored nearby to minimize the chance of any injury while lifting and carrying the items to be loaded on the cart.

The loading area should be free of any obstacles that may cause workers to trip or lose footing while they are loading the cart, such as boxes or crates on the floor. Check to make sure that all brakes are engaged to avoid any possibility of the heavy duty utility cart wheels moving during the loading process.

Once the loading area is ready and safe, put on any necessary safety equipment such as goggles, protective gloves or work boots, and begin loading the cart with all of the items you want to move. Workers should use proper lifting techniques when loading any heavy items to avoid any potential injury to the back, knees or legs.

This means using knees to bend and pick up any items placed on at ground level, or having multiple workers lift heavy or bulky objects together to avoid over exertion. Load heavier items on the bottom level of the cart to keep the heavy duty utility cart stable and easy to maneuver once it is loaded. Lighter items can be stacked on the top shelf of the cart, but avoid stacking them on top of the handle portion.

The handle should be easy to reach and any items nearby should be stable to avoid them falling on the handle and potentially causing a finger or hand injury. Every heavy duty cart should come with a clearly stated weight limit, which should be adhered to in order to avoid damage to the cart.

The cart is manufactured to handle this weight capacity and overloading it can cause the surface to buckle or the wheels to malfunction.

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