The Five Most Popular Bench Top Materials

Having a variety to choose from may leave us in and a state of mayhem trying to have the best. Fortunately, we are going to explore a collection of the top 20 best vanity bench under 100$ in 2017 reviews.

1) BEWISHOME Vanity Stool Piano Seat Makeup Bench | 2) Crownroyaljack Furniture Square Piano Bench | 3) Elegant Home Fashions Jamaica Bench | 4) Hillsdale Sophia Vanity Stool in Linen Gray | 5) Hillsdale Windsor Vanity Bench | 6) Holland Bar Stool Co. 802 Misha Vanity Stool | 7) HomCom 39” Contemporary Fabric Chrome X-Base Entryway Bench | 8) Home Styles 5530-28 Naples Vanity Bench | 9) Home Styles 5537-28 Lafayette Vanity Bench | 10) HomCom 39” Contemporary Tufted Curved Leg Entryway Bench | 11) HomCom 39” Contemporary Tufted PU Leather Chrome Base Entryway Bench | 12) Import Collection Stool | 13) International Concepts Unfinished Vanity Bench | 14) Home Styles Furniture 5529-28 Chesapeake Vanity Bench | 15) Home Styles Bermuda Vanity Bench | 16) Powell Jamestown Landing Bench | 17) LCH Classic Style Tufted Ottoman Bench | 18) Linon Claire Bench, Damascus | 19) Roundhill Furniture Aspell Anywhere Accent Upholstered Bench | 20) Tribesigns Vanity Stool Makeup Dressing Stool |

No kitchen renovation is complete without a perfectly up-to-the-minute kitchen bench. “It is one of the most important features,” agrees Lara Staunton, Interior Architect at LAHAUS Studio.

“It’s vital from a practical and aesthetic point of view, and it adds value to your property.” It is worth investing in your countertop, says Staunton, and renovators should expect it to be one of the more expensive items of a kitchen fit-out. But how do you know which material to choose?

Stone – Natural and Engineered

For many, natural stone is the holy grail of kitchen materials. From beautiful travertine and edgy granite, to luxurious marble in all its rich variations, it imparts style to the room. “It’s opulent and a genuine one-off product,” says Graduate Architect and Project Manager Clare Mengler. “You are creating a conversation piece which is the point of difference.”

With a price range spanning between $700 – $2500 per square metre, it is an expensive and high-maintenance choice. “It is porous and soft by nature,” says Natalie André, of Cott.

Refurbs + Finishes, “Anything acidic, like citrus fruit can scratch the stone, and wine, tea, coffee and water can stain. I would suggest a stone with a heavier and darker vein to help camouflage marks.” Ensure it is protected before use, and periodically after, using a protective sealer that stops spills absorbing into the stone.

Engineered stone with an average price of $400 per square metre is a good value for money alternative. “Unlike marble, it is not one-of-an-kind. You are picking a granite or ‘marble look’ from a range off the shelf, but you are getting a very similar look,” says Mengler.

Whilst a natural stone’s physical properties determine what you can do with it, engineered stone offers versatility. “You can order the exact size, shape, colour and profile you want in any quantity,” agrees Mengler. “Whereas with natural stone, you are constrained by the piece.”

How resilient your bench should be, depends on your lifestyle. “Due to the sealing and composition, engineered material is generally more resilient in a kitchen,” says Staunton. “Marking is less of an issue, it’s more robust and comes in a greater range of colours.”

Photo Gallery of the The Five Most Popular Bench Top Materials

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