Richard S. Lowry                                Military Historian

New Dawn is one of the most compelling history books you will ever read

It is the story of the kids who grew up down the block and then flew halfway around the world to fight in the battle that changed the war. Richard S. Lowry places you among the brave men and women who fought a determined enemy at the crossroads of civilization. This is the tale of their courage, sacrifice and valor.

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Recipient of the 2010

 Military Writers Society of America's

 Gold Medal for History


No other work tells a more complete story of the largest battle of Operation Iraqi Freedom.


Richard tells the stories of the men and women who fought to clear Fallujah, Iraq’s most violent city. This is no ordinary historical account. Richard provides gripping narratives of individual sacrifice and valor while documenting the battle for military historians. He weaves a page-turning story that will educate and entertain in a style reminiscent of Cornelius Ryan’s Longest Day.

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New Dawn opens with the brutal murder, bludgeoning and burning of four Blackwater security contractors, followed by the aborted first assault and tense standoff during the spring and summer of 2004. Then, New Dawn tells the complete story of the massive final attack as seen through the eyes of those who were there.


They didn’t pick the fight, but fought it anyway

Walk down the narrow city streets and into the courtyards, kitchens and bedrooms of Fallujah. Venture into the unknown as young soldiers and Marines kick in door after door, never knowing if they will be greeted by an incensed insurgent or a cowering Iraqi family. This is a story of young Americans at war. 


New Dawn will remain the definitive reference of the fight to free Fallujah and a damn-good read for years to come.

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